High School Programs

How can you complete your Senior Project at NWLERC?
The Northwest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center in Lacey, Washington, is a non‐profit organization dedicated to providing high quality, used eyeglasses to developing nations around the world. We receive the donated eyeglasses from many sources throughout the Northwest and beyond. The glasses are sorted and cleaned and the prescriptions are read using state‐of‐the‐art Lensometers. The glasses are then packed and sent with vision care providers to people in developing countries.   The Northwest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center is an all‐volunteer organization and actively seeks the assistance of Lions clubs and community volunteers to help process glasses. Building on the success of our prototype high school program at Gig Harbor High School, we have expanded our program to incorporate
other school districts.

Your Graduation Project
In the state of Washington, all seniors are required to complete a self‐initiated graduation project. Each school district has different requirements for the completion of your project, so you will need to check with your high school senior project advisor and work within the structure of your individual school

NWLERC will do whatever it can within the structure of your school to accommodate your individual goals. We will provide mentors from local Lions clubs to help tailor an individual program for you and guide you through the  process to successful completion. As a bonus, students seeking a career in ophthalmology or the vision industry can get an insider look at how optometrists and opticians do their work.

Training to Process Glasses
Volunteers will learn how to sort, clean and read prescription eyeglasses during their
training. After that, students will work under the supervision of site managers who will help them become more proficient in their tasks. After your training session, you can schedule flexible hours in our facility to achieve your individual volunteer‐hour goals as prescribed by your school. Your mentor, carefully selected from a local Lions Club, will assist you in all areas of your project and keep track of your
individual volunteer time.

How to Contact Us
If you are interested in creating a vibrant, exciting Graduation Project that will combine school requirements with community needs and service to humanity, please call the NW
Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center at
360.923.2075, or contact us.