Donating Eyeglasses:

A cost-free contribution with enormous emotional and economic benefits

young-and-oldPerhaps as many as millions of people in developing countries are in dire need of glasses because they are either or both too far from eye care professionals and/or because the costs are more than they could ever hope to accumulate. Great distances have proven to be an obstacle the needy are willing to overcome when there is the promise of regaining vision. In remote areas of the world villagers have traveled days on foot to reach locations where missions have been temporarily set up. The costs however would be more than most recipients make in a year. It is money they and their families desperately need to survive.

In cases where eyesight is very poor a pair of glasses can mean recipients are suddenly employable, or family members will be able to see what their loved ones and their surroundings truly look like for the first time in their lives. Suddenly having clear vision, when there was once no hope, is an experience of such magnitude that its joys cannot be fully expressed except through the looks on patients’ faces when first looking at their new world.

Where to Donate

You can donate through your local Lion’s Club, at a convenient Drop Off Location or mail to NWLERC, 9013 Mullen Rd SE, Olympia, WA 98513.  When you mail in your donations be sure to include the Eyeglass Delivery/Donation Form NWLERC Form 2

Where to find old eyeglasses

Your old eyeglasses may be lurking in places you’ve long forgotten existed, but drawers and shoeboxes are two obvious locations. Beyond that try the garage, your cars’ glove compartments and even in your handbags and tool boxes. They’re everywhere! But, as long as you have decided to help out our mission, would you consider talking to your friends and neighbors? Just the neighbors to your right, left and across the street could amass a dozen or more unwanted glasses. Remember, we will accept sunglasses and reading glasses as well, and they take on added importance because those are the only types of glasses we can (and do) legally distribute to those in need in the United States.