What Works, What Won’t

Simple guidelines for selecting eyeglasses to donate.

Presorting Guidelines

  1. Please pre-sort the glasses according to the Presort instructions below.
  2. Please count the number of glasses you are delivering. If you have a large number of glasses, simply weight the glasses. There are approximately 14 pairs per pound.
  3. Print and fill out the Eyeglass Donation/Delivery Form and include a copy inside each box of glasses.
  4. If you plan to deliver glasses during a time the center is closed please call NWLERC at (360) 923-2075 and to arrange a delivery time.
  5. If you choose to mail your glasses, please read our special Shipping Instructions below.

These Work

We can use three categories of glasses:

  • Single vision (like reading glasses)
  • Multi-vision (bifocals and trifocals.)
  • Plain sunglasses (not prescription*)

*Prescription sunglasses will be recycled by us. Please send them, along with all other frames, damaged glasses etc, to us for environmentally friendly recycling rather than throw them in landfills.

These Will Not

  • Contact lenses
  • Loose lenses
  • Hard cases (shipping problems)

Shipping Procedures

Pack eyeglasses in a sturdy corrugated cardboard box.
Seal box with strapping tape.
Be sure label is legible and include your Eyeglass Delivery/Donation Form inside each box if you did not submit on-line.

Used eyeglasses are of no commercial value so choose the least expensive means of shipping to NWLERC (usually 3rd or 4th Class Mail). Label the box, “No Commercial Value”.

Please notify NWLERC at (360) 923-2075 before shipping more than 1,000 glasses.